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Aras Candy Surprise is offering both educational and fun times with eggs, surprise toys, puzzles and other intelligence developer cues. We are delighted to produce healthy and quality products to deliver to our children's dream toys.

Aras Candy Privileges!

Long Life Products

The health of our children is important for us. As Aras Candy, we provide healthier and more quality service with our long life products.

Toy Types

We work harder every day to get toys that our children want with our thousands of toys and enjoyable time passes.

Healthy Packaging

We are making healthy packagings in accordance with all laws and regulations in our product packaging. Healthcare comes first for us.

Plenty of variety

We are not only looking for toys, we are always looking forward to meet you with hundreds of products, including dragees, chewing gum and more.

Variety Entertainment


Hygienic Production

We comply with the standards and produce in hygienic and untouchable environments as required by law.

Easy Access

Our products are located in many regions where we sell food for our customers. So you can easily reach our products.

Surprise Toys

We have thousands of surprise toy varieties to improve our children's entertainment world as well as food production.

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